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You G3’s Grow Greenfield Grow 

It’s almost Spring time which means it’s almost time to get those beautiful flowers beds and Gardens growing.

Thursday March 16, 2017 from 6-7pm G3 will be hosting a gardening program at the Konneker Education Museum, 248 South St., Greenfield, Ohio.

The program will feature a presentation about basic and container gardening by Fayette County’s Master Gardener Sara Creamer & Patchworks Garden’ s Stacey Wilt.

So come out and join us, and get those green thumbs ready!  Besides everyone knows gardeners know all the dirt!

Check out our event page here:


Second Grow Greenfield Grow Program a Success

A BIG Thank You to Master Gardener Ray Koch, Patchwork Gardens owner, Stacey Wilt, and Delwyn Walker of OSU Extension, Soil and Water and all of the attendees to last evenings Grow, Greenfield, Grow, gardening program. We learned everything from mosquito repelling plants from Stacey, to raised bed, and permaculture gardening from Ray, and the wonderful opportunities and resources, from our local extension office, for constructing and funding high tunnels, (greenhouses). Everyone went away with packets of seeds, and potted flowers were given away! What a wonderful evening of fun, and learning of more ways to “pay in the dirt”!

G3’s Gardening Workshop, April 13th

Mark your calendars for G3’s Grow, Greenfield, Grow gardening program on April 13th at the Konnecker Education Museum at 241 South St. Greenfield, Ohio beginning at 6pm!! Stacey Wilt, owner and operator of Patchwork Gardens has been added, and will speak and answer your gardening questions, along with Master Gardener Ray Koch. Also speaking will be Delwyn Walker, OSU Extension agent with soil and water, presenting the programs and handing out literature on seasonal high tunnels (greenhouses). G3 will also have a small gift for everyone! Refreshments will be provided! Hope to see everyone there!

G3-FFA Garden Plant Sale

G3 and the McClain Chapter of FFA is once again making garden plants available to the public. The plants will be on sale May 4, 5, & 6 from 8:30 am til 2:30 pm at the Vo-Ag Building at the  corners of 5th and Lafayette Streets in Greenfield.

This year the plants will cost $1 each with a limit of 10 plants and all proceeds will be donated to the Greenfield Area Christian Center’s food pantry.

As in past years, G3 provided the funding and FFA students did the growing. Also, the FFA has offered to plant flowers at the new G3 funded entrance sign at Felson Park.

Gardening Class a Success

G3’s backyard gardening class was held on March 26th at the Konneker Education Center in Greenfield. The instructor, master gardener Ray Koch, gave a great presentation to an interested group of area residents.

This class was the third leg of Greening Greater Greenfield’s effort to help residents supplement their food supplies. For several years G3, with the local McClain Chapter of FFA, has offered free gardening plants in the spring and last summer offered a food preservation class.

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G3 & MHS offering free garden plants

G3 Logos (2)Greening Greater Greenfield (G3), with the McClain High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter. is offering a free garden plant package to residents of the Greenfield School District. This season’s package will include three tomato plants, three pepper plants, four onion sets, and six marigold plants. The packages can be picked up on May 8, 2014 at the Vocational Agriculture Building, corner of Fifth and Lafayette Streets in Greenfield between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:30 pm. A donation would be appreciated and all donated funds will be given to one of Greenfield’s food banks.

This is the beginning of what G3 hopes to become a community gardening program that will eventually include workshops on establishing a proper backyard garden and hands-on food preservation workshops teaching participants the proper methods of canning and freezing surplus vegetables.

Mike Sykes, MHS Vo-Ag teacher, FFA members, G3 representatives Brenda Losey, Shari Royse-Bellar and Ron Coffey
Mike Sykes, MHS Vo-Ag teacher, FFA members, G3 representatives Brenda Losey, Shari Royse-Bellar and Ron Coffey

G3 gears up for gardening

gardentomatoFood, while being a basic necessity, is becoming increasingly more expensive. One way to improve the lives of our residents is to make growing one’s own food a greater reality. To help accomplish that G3 has teamed up with McClain’s Future Farmers of America Chapter to make vegetable plants readily available to the community.

While the FFA students are providing the facility and labor to nurture the seedlings, G3 has provided all the materials. When ready a package of ready to plant seedlings will be available for anyone wanting to start a backyard garden. The package will be free but it is hoped a cash donation will be made to the FFA which plans to turn around and donate the money to a food pantry.

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