2014 Oktoberfest was Grrrreat!

The god’s of weather smiled on Greenfield once again with conditions perfect for the annual outdoor event. The sponsors got setup in time, the community came out, pumpkins were bowled, chickens tossed, brats eaten, beer consumed, and the air was filled with the aromas of autumn and the strains of oompah music.

Greening Greater Greenfield (G3) would like to thank all those sponsors who helped make this event possible. The list includes:

Weaver Produce of Rainsboro
Karnes Orchard
Yellow Rose Bed & Breakfast
Knights of Columbus
Greenfield Rotary
Edgewood Manor
Kellis Smith
Country Crust Bakery of Bainbridge
Desha LLC – U-Haul
Highland County Visitor’s Bureau
Hearth & Care
Garman Feed & Supply of Lyndon
Greenfield Lions Club
Greenfield Mother’s Club
Adena Greenfield Medical Center

Oktoberfest is always held on the last Saturday of September so mark your calendar for 2015 and plan to help break the pretzel with us.

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A few video scenes of the Fourth Annual G3 Greenfield Oktoberfest.


2 thoughts on “2014 Oktoberfest was Grrrreat!”

  1. Next year when you have it,PLEASE use real brats and make real potato salad or real German potato salad. Serving smoked sausage is NOT brats. The brats are only $3.99 a package at Sav a Lot and smoked sausage is about the same,so why not serve real brats instead of using smoked sausage and calling it brats. I have been in Germany 9 yrs out of my husband 23 years Military and it’s not hard to make real German potato salad.So next year PLEASE improve your menu. You charge for a BRAT then serve a real BRAT.

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